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Agiri Goshiki (呉織 あぎり Goshiki Agiri) is the tritagonist in Kill Me Baby. She is a ninja who is attending Yasuna and Sonya's high school on business.


An concept picture of Agiri with profile appearance, back and side appearance, face expressions and a chibi of herself.

Agiri is a high school girl, who has long dark purple hair with messy bangs swept aside with long thin strands and eminence eyes. She wears the same school uniform that Yasuna and Sonya wear. She wears blackish-grey ankle socks.


Agiri is a calm and nice person. She is a laid back ninja from the same organization as Sonya. Agiri transferred to Sonya's school for some assignments and stays at a former ninja club room without permission. She often perplexes Sonya and Yasuna with dubious 'ninjutsus'. Due to this Sonya considers her as untrustworthy.

Although Agiri appears to be a normal girl who just pulls some tricks to stupefy Yasuna and Sonya, she is capable to fool Yasuna through dumb logic and calling common ways of dealing things as 'special ninja techniques'. She seems to be always able to perform those tricks herself without letting Yasuna or even Sonya know how she did it and how to do it.

Her parents are farmers, while some of her other relatives own a theme park of their own. She seems to come from a lineage of ninjas, considering the sheer amount of ninja-themed objects and 'ninjutsu' she has.


  • She has a theme in the anime's OST.
  • Fans often joked about her supposedly being stoned. Then, on October 15th, 2015, her seiyuu Ai Takabe was arrested after allegedly acquiring cocaine, causing her name to be dropped off the website, making the anime no longer available on streaming sites for some time and banning her from the voice acting industry. People also drew fanart of her either having drugs or behind bars.
    • Ai Takabe was later released on March 30th, 2016, due to the small amounts she had possessed.[1]


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