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Chapter 02 is the second chapter of the Kill Me Baby manga series.


After being injured by Sonya again Yasuna attempts to warn everyone of Sonya's danger. Sonya is attacked by crows which prompts Yasuna to give her a bird repeller to wear on her head as a present which angers Sonya as no one would want to come near her with it on. Yasuna attempts to get Sonya to teach her a cool technique to no avail. Yasuna attempts to teach Sonya to be more gentle using a stuffed animal which Sonya destroys. Yasuna vows to avenge her doll by beating Sonya in Sumo wrestling which Sonya doesn't quiet understand the rules to yet. Eventually they decide to play paper sumo which is really hard and boring so they finally settle things with a game of arm wrestling which Yasuna looses.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]