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Chapter 03 is the third chapter of the Kill Me Baby manga series.


After hearing a rumor about a ghost in one of the classrooms Yasuna and Sonya investigate. While checking out the classroom Sonya is reminded of a ninja that works with her organization which turns out to be Agiri Goshiki who is there on work related business. Agiri was attempting to join the now disbanded "Ninja Appreciation Club" which was formerly held in that room.

Yasuna asks Agiri if she can do any cool techniques which prompts her to try the "you are getting sleepy jutsu" on Sonya which doesn't work but Agiri tries to pass off as successful. After casually saying her last technique wasn't a ninja art Agiri stands on the ceiling with the "have your hair stay up even while you're upside down jutsu" showing that she was the ghost all along. While saying goodbye and shaking hands with Yasuna, Agiri accidentally activates one of her explosives which Sonya points out as "not giving off a ninja feel".

Characters in Order of Appearance[]


  • This chapter marks the first appearance of Agiri Goshiki.