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Chapter 04 is the fourth chapter of the Kill Me Baby manga series.


While walking Yasuna points out that Sonya's scarf is very long and then immediately slips on some ice. While falling Yasuna grabs on Sonya's scarf choking her in the process. Sonya then hangs Yasuna from a tree with the scarf.

At lunch time a wild dog finds its way into the classroom and starts barking at people. Sonya climbs on top of a desk to avoid the dog but is pressured by Yasuna to get the dog out of the classroom. Sonya attempts fending the dog off with a broom which is unsuccessful and as a last resort throws her lunch at it. The dog catches and eats Sonya's lunch after which Sonya angrily tries to feed him an onion, but is stopped by Yasuna who tries to guide the dog to the exit with pieces of her lunch but runs out before she can get very far.

Yasuna then constructs a tool to hang a piece of food in front of the dog's face so it'll leave by himself. After a failed attempt at putting the tool on the dog's back Yasuna buys more food to feed the dog so it'll be satisfied. Sonya feeds the dog the food Yasuna bought and ends up accidentally getting it attached to her.

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