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Chapter 05 is the fifth chapter of the Kill Me Baby manga series.


Yasuna becomes obsessed with bending spoons after seeing an esper do it on TV. The next day she brings some spoons to school to practice with and tries to trick Sonya by pretending to bend a pen with her psychic abilities. Yasuna tries to get an unimpressed Sonya to practice with her by convincing her psychic powers would help her with her job. Sonya agrees but doesn't think she could use psychic powers saying if she could shoot lasers that would be really helpful after which Yasuna corrects her telling her they're talking about psychokinesis. 

After failing to bend another spoon Yasuna tries to cover it up with a joke and then says she'll try bending two. Still unable to bend the spoons she makes another joke and Sonya punches her bending the spoons in the process. She apologizes saying that she doesn't have the ability to bend spoons and tries to show off her E.S.P. with a card trick where she lets Sonya pick a card and guesses the card she picked. Yasuna guesses the wrong card and starts building a house of cards saying if she can finish it she definitely has E.S.P., this makes Sonya angry who destroys the house of cards (when Yasuna was almost done with it). Sonya does a card trick where she splits a pen in half by throwing a card at it which Yasuna says isn't E.S.P. at all.

Yasuna then says she'll make a photo come to life and tries to hand Sonya a pair of 3D glasses, but after being threaten she gives up on it. Sonya shows Yasuna her spontaneous combustion by using a magnifying glass to burn Yasuna. Yasuna says that her true ability is foresight and predicts that she will become rich in the future while Sonya's life will be in ruins, she then predicts she'll be hit by Sonya which comes true. Agiri asks what Yasuna and Sonya are doing and after hearing they're doing E.S.P. she bends a fork using her ninjutsu amazing Yasuna and Sonya.

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