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Chapter 06 is the sixth chapter of the Kill Me Baby manga series.


Yasuna once again asks Sonya to teach her some techniques this time saying she needs them in case she runs into a pervert, though the real reason she wants to learn her techniques is to counter them in the future. Sonya is persistent in not wanting to teach Yasuna any techniques despite her constant begging.

Sonya eventually agrees and teaches Yasuna a move where she rolls into her opponent which Yasuna is unsatisfied with. Sonya suggests that Yasuna can play dead and Yasuna says that's for dealing with bears explaining that she thinks that playing dead is the wrong way to deal with a bear and what your suppose to do is back away slowly while maintaining eye contact.

Yasuna remembers her original purpose of asking Sonya to teach her and asks to be taught how to get out of holds. Sonya questions this and tells her that holds are usually made so they can't be escaped but she could try biting, Yasuna says they should practice but Sonya refuses. Yasuna attacks Sonya who puts her in a hold that doesn't allow her to bite her. Yasuna remembers that you can escape a hold by tickling your opponent noting that shes seen it in manga which also fails.

Yasuna says she's finally found a way out of the hold and as Sonya is putting her into it she asks her to wait a second which makes her stop. Yasuna says shes escaped the hold and after getting beat up by Sonya says her plan was a bust. Sonya says Yasuna will be fine if she does what she was taught and the perverts will think she's a freak and won't want to deal with her.

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