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Chapter 07 is the seventh chapter of the Kill Me Baby manga series.


Yasuna buys some nunchucks on impulse and wants Sonya to play with them, thinking Sonya will hit her head with them. Sonya uses the nunchucks and doesn't hit herself because she already knows how to handle them. Yasuna shows Sonya how she's "suppose" to use them and hits herself in the head several times.

Realizing that they had come to the roof to eat lunch, Yasuna offers to make lunch for Sonya which she refuses. Yasuna opens her lunch box to reveal two rolls of sushi which she jokingly says are nunchucks. Yasuna points out that bananas look like boomerangs and asks Sonya if she'll throw it to see if it will come back. Sonya throws the banana of the roof and an angry Yasuna throws Sonya's bread off the roof saying it looked like a Frisbee.

Yasuna says it's her fault Sonya lost her lunch and gives her the two sushi rolls from earlier. Yasuna tries to trick Sonya by giving her the nunchucks, but she accidentally actually gives Sonya her real lunch.. Sonya says if Yasuna wants them back she'll have to catch them and throws one up in the air, accidentally hitting herself in the head with it.

Now out of food Yasuna says one of them should go to the store and decide who goes by playing a game with a ball. This doesn't work and Yasuna realizes lunch is almost over. Yasuna says she'll just buy enough for herself and Sonya throws the ball at her trying to hit her. Yasuna manages to dodge it but trips on the sushi rolls from earlier along with Sonya.

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  • The first two pages of this chapter are shaded differently than the rest giving off a more detailed appearance.