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Chapter 08 is the eighth chapter of the Kill Me Baby manga series.


Yasuna buys a soda but cant open it, she sneaks up on Sonya using her punch to open the bottle. Sonya is mad that Yasuna used her saying she would never use her techniques for something so stupid. Sonya can't open her own drink and punches the top off saying it's just practice. Yasuna compliments her calling her a bottle killer and places a hit on another soda, Sonya opens the drink and takes the contents as a reward.

Yasuna can't open a bag of bread and tries to sneak up on Sonya so she'll open it like she did the soda. Sonya kicks the bag of bread and destroys it. Yasuna pulls out a water gun and Sonya disarms her. Yasuna says she was just kidding, then uses the water gun to shoot Sonya's bread.

Sonya gets angry and Yasuna tells her it's still edible so Sonya force feeds it to her. The bread starts to make Yasuna sick and she asks for her drink back. Sonya says she might give it back if Yasuna spins and barks. Yasuna does what Sonya says and ends up throwing up.

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