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Chapter 10 is the tenth chapter of the Kill Me Baby manga series.


On a hot summer, Yasuna try to refresh herself with a paper. Yasuna refresh Sonya with the paper and throw it to her. Yasuna brought a fan, play with it by throwing confetti. After, Sonya want to refresh Yasuna with a paper and shake the paper faster for falling Yasuna out of the window. Yasuna was fed up of fanning and puts a wind chime on the window. There was no wind and Yasuna fanning it.

Yasuna and Sonya to the beach for a watermelon splitting. Yasuna band her eyes and start. After, Sonya replace Yasuna and start. After the watermelon was splitted, Yasuna and Sonya eats it to evening. In evening, Yasuna pulls out a scary looking mask to scare Sonya and punch her which causes her to make her see stars.

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