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Chapter 14 is the fourteenth chapter of the Kill Me Baby manga series.


A storm has been announced for tomorrow.

Yasuna and Sonya will go to school despite it being a rainy day. During their pathway, Yasuna pretend to be blown way and do a technique called "Windward Punch" to Sonya. Yasuna throw her bag to Sonya, but she dodges it instead and Yasuna then does the "Windward Punch" on Sonya again. Sonya dodges and catches her, but Yasuna manages to escape. By the wind, a seed enters to Sonya's eyes which blinds her, to the point of accidentally going to a market and scaring the people in there.

Later, Yasuna makes a Teruterubouzu that look like Sonya, which she doesn't like. Yasuna then makes several of them, one on top of the other and grips them beside a window. The wind cuts the rope and the Teruterubouzu fly away. Suddently, a blackout starts. Yasuna takes advantage of the moment to ascend on her desk. The blackout ends and everyone sees Yasuna on her desk. After that, Yasuna realizes that she was out of money for lunch. Sonya goes to the washroom and another blackout start. After it quickly ends, Yasuna is behind her with a evil face and Sonya slapped her fast.

in the end of the day, Yasuna and Sonya take a umbrella and go home. A frog gets on Yasuna's head. She asks Sonya to get it off of her hair. A burst of wind starts, breaking the unbrella. Yasuna notices in another umbrella that there was a little cat in a box. The next day, however, both miss school due to sickness.

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  • In the volume afterword, the Unused Character appears. It explains the Unused Character's motives for taking revenge against Yasuna and Sonya/