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Dogs, Ninjas and Cherry Blossoms (Inu o Shinobi te Sakura Saku, いぬをしのびてさくらさく) is the first episode of "Kill Me Baby" anime series. Aired on January 05, 2012


Yasuna Oribe gets a lot of injuries from her classmate and hired assassin, Sonya. When a dog wanders into the classroom, the two think of a way to get rid of it. Later, Yasuna meets a self-proclaimed ninja named Agiri Goshiki who tries to sell her some 'ninjutsus'.


Yasuna Oribe goes up to the camera and says hello in German while introducing herself, then she sees Sonya and greets her causing Sonya to twist her arm. She then sees something on her back and tries to get it off but gets choked by Sonya in the process.

In class someone breaks a pot, causing Sonya to get scared and hide behind her desk before someone sees a cockroach. Sonya gets up to the ceiling and Yasuna teases her, after that Yasuna reads a scary story. At noon Sonya and Yasuna eat, Yasuna bought juice and needs help opening her bottle so she gets Sonya to do it out of reflex. Sonya is annoyed that Yasuna tricked her to use an attack on such a pointless thing but is unable to open her own Green Tea bottle so she does it again anyway. Yasuna is impressed but Sonya covers it up as for "practicing". Yasuna then tells Sonya to "kill" her Tomato Milk bottle as for "practicing" which Sonya does but ends up drinking the contents in exchange. Infuriated, Yasuna pulls out a water gun and begins to shoot Sonya before Sonya stops her. Yasuna is then shown on the ground questioning why Sonya would believe she had a real gun in the first place, to which Sonya questions why she would bring a water gun to school. Without hesitation, Yasuna gets up and shoots towards Sonya again, only for Sonya to quickly dodge. Sonya snidely tells Yasuna that she missed again only for it to be revealed that Yasuna shot her Yakisoba bun instead, making it nearly inedible. Infuriated, Sonya stuffs the wet noodle bun down Yasuna's throat, causing her to shed tears.

A dog later arrives at school which causes both Sonya and Yasuna to be scared but especially Sonya. Yasuna notices Sonya standing on her desk about to take action, but in reality Sonya only accessed herself to a higher ground. Sonya attempts to beat the dog with a mop but stops in her tracks and falls when the dog barks. Sonya notices her yakisoba bun and throws it at the dog, which gives her and Yasuna the idea to lure the dog with food. Testing the idea out, Yasuna attempts to lead the dog out with food but runs out halfway. Following, Yasuna makes a device with food attached to put on the dogs head but accidentally ends up putting it on her own head. This gives them the idea to throw food at the dog in order to get it to go away so Yasuna goes to the school store and brings back assortments of food, which she gives to Sonya. Finally, Sonya throws food at the dog in order to get it to go away, which instead causes the dog to like her and the teacher lets the (now tamed) dog stay in the classroom.

Yasuna talks to Sonya about her defense and Sonya says that she also uses it to catch flies which she happens to catch one all of a sudden but surprisingly, it turns out to be the cockroach from earlier. When they walk out from school Sonya tells Yasuna about how scary that was and how upset she was about what happened. Yasuna comforts her saying she will always be there for her. Sonya seemed a little touched when she said that, then Yasuna touches her shoulder which causes Sonya to twist her arm before disappearing and leaving Yasuna to wonder where she went.

The next day Yasuna and Sonya go ghost hunting. They arrive in an empty room and they meet Agiri, a self-proclaimed ninja who shows them a bunch of her techniques. It's then revealed that she has a bomb from her arm which explodes. After that Yasuna and Sonya walk out from school with messed up hair and look at Yasuna's camera which has a picture of a ghost on it causing them to scream. The day after, Yasuna goes to look for Agiri who teaches her more of her techniques and gives her a few scrolls which she shows to Sonya. However, every scroll turns out to be a scam. Finally, Yasuna tries out the binocular scroll and is surprised to see Agiri attached to a kite. Sonya takes a peek and finds out that it was only a drawing of Agiri with the real Agiri controlling the kite.

After school they walk home and see a cherry blossom tree. Remembering it is flower viewing season, Yasuna pulls out two bottles of juice and they sit down to watch the cherry blossoms fall while drinking juice. Meanwhile, Yasuna spots a petal on Sonya's shoulder and tries to remove it causing Sonya to twist her arm again.

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  • This chapter is named Sneaking Dog, Blossoming Cherry in the Sentai Filmworks Blue-ray/DVD release.