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Chocolate, Dreams and Wounds (Choko ga Nemuke te Kega Shippu, ちょこがねむけて けがしっぷ) is the second episode of "Kill Me Baby" anime series. Aired on January 12, 2012.


Yasuna tries and fails to learn to use nunchucks before she and Sonya encounter an escaped bear. The next day, a little girl gets Sonya and Yasuna to play with her.


Yasuna runs up to the camera and says Buenos Días, then goes up to Sonya who attacks her.

In the classroom Yasuna begs Sonya to teach her the defenses she uses but she refuses. On the roof Yasuna brings out a pair of Nunchuks and asks Sonya to try them out, but gets jealous that Sonya can use them without being able to whack herself in the head with it, the next day she brings nunchuk rolls to prank Sonya with but her plan backfires and she has to beg Sonya in order to get one of the rolls back. As Sonya is about to give Yasuna her roll back, a crow shows up and steals the roll which shocks them both. Then a second crow comes in and steals Sonya's roll which leaves Yasuna to burst out laughing while insulting Sonya for not being able to stop them. Sonya gets angry at Yasuna and chases after her as the two run around before Sonya finds a ball. She tries to hit Yasuna with it but Yasuna dodges so instead it lands on a wall which causes the ball to bounce back to her and hit her instead. Yasuna is relieved and tries to run away only to slip on the real nunchuks and fall flat on her back. The two lay out on the rooftop as the bell rings, signaling the end of the lunch period. The two crows are seen finished with the rolls that Sonya and Yasuna never got to eat.

After school Yasuna and Sonya get lost in a forest and walks upon a crepe stand, deciding to eat some of them. Yasuna wonders around and finds a newspaper about an escaped bear on the loose. This sends red flags to Sonya who gets a vibe that Yasuna was up to no good.

She decides to scare Sonya; so she walks back to Sonya and Sonya points at the bear who was behind her the whole time, the bear smells Yasuna's crepe and wants to eat it; but she eats it instead, making the bear enraged. He goes after them, causing Sonya to try to beat him with a stick, but gets scared and climbs up a pole. Agiri shows up using her tricks to get rid of the bear but only draws him closer. Then she leaves but the bear eventually gets taken down when Yasuna slams her head into him very hard. Afterwards, Sonya takes a picture of Yasuna posing next to the unconscious bear who both have bumps on their head. It is then implied that the bear got sent back to the zoo.

Yasuna makes a paper fan and asks Sonya to hit her with it, believing that she won't get hurt. Instead Sonya hits her with her fist while still holding the fan. Yasuna remembers that Sonya is afraid of animals and acts like a dog in order to scare her, which causes Sonya to hit her even more. Yasuna gets hiccups which annoys Sonya. She tells Yasuna to hold her breath but Yasuna is unable to hold it for too long so Sonya attempts to "help" by putting Yasuna in a choke-hold, causing her to pass out. Yasuna stares out the window when a bee shows up. Yasuna freaks out before quickly placing a cup over the bee on her desk. They try to think of ways to get rid of the bee before Agiri shows up, ready to help. Agiri tells them she has a "Ninja Technique" to get rid of the bee and counts to two before lifting the cup, revealing nothing beneath it. Yasuna is impressed until Agiri tells her the bee made it's way into her clothing. Yasuna panics but calms down after Agiri tells her the bee is still in the cup and angrily tells Agiri to quickly get rid of it. Agiri holds the cup near the window, allowing the bee to fly away. Agiri warmly tells the bee to take care while Yasuna angrily tells the bee to never return. Afterwards, Agiri tries to get Yasuna to buy her products. First, she presents the five-colored rice and puts them on the ground, spelling out the words "help". Yasuna isn't interested as not only are they old-fashioned but also because she doesn't know much about codes. Then, Yasuna asks Agiri if she has anything that is useful. Agiri presents Yasuna her "Water-jutsu" set. But again, Yasuna isn't interested as it isn't anything useful. Finally, Agiri offers her a ninja ticket which she claims will help Yasuna get rich fast. Yasuna realizes that it's only a lottery ticket but takes it anyway, Yasuna is then shown at a lottery booth along with Sonya, trying it out, but not succeeding.

On the way out of school, Yasuna and Sonya see a flying ball, Sonya pulls out knives and stabs it, causing it to hit back, which causes Yasuna to laugh at her until she gets hit with a ball herself by some nearby boys playing soccer.

Yasuna and Sonya walk down to the park where they see a little girl staring at a tree with a balloon. Yasuna attempts to help her by throwing a stick at it, resulting in the balloon floating away instead. The little girl doesn't seem to mind much, as it wasn't her balloon in the first place, so she runs about. Yasuna counts to ten for hide and seek. Sonya takes the opportunity to go home when the little girl comes running up to her, holding a knife and almost throwing it at her when a police walks by; distracting the little girl by playing tag with her,. Yasuna opens her eyes and wants them all to play together, so she and the little girl hide. Sonya spots the little girl, but has to go home; so she leaves the area and Sonya goes home while leaving Yasuna in a trash can alone which she stays in all night.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]

  • Yasuna Oribe
  • Sonya
  • Agiri Goshiki
  • Giant purple octopus
  • Small purple octopuses
  • White people
  • Yasuna's dark shadow
  • Sculpture of big fat bear
  • Nunchuck dragon
  • Black crows
  • Chocolate Banana stand owner
  • Crepe stand lady
  • Takoyaki stand man
  • Yakisoba stand man
  • Big fat bear
  • Yasuna's spirit
  • Bee
  • Narrator
  • Boys
  • Lottery stand man
  • Little Girl
  • Policeman


  • This episode is called Nunchaku Skills Bear Balloon in the Sentai Filmworks Blue-ray/DVD release.
  • The statue of the bear shown earlier is a foreshadowing to the real bear showing up.