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"I don't know if someone is after me, so I have to stay on my toes."

- Sonya when asked about why she's so alert, Episode 01

Sonya (ソーニャ Sōnya) is the deuteragonist of Kill Me Baby. She is an assasin who acts pretty cold most of the time, and can usually be found with her classmate and friend Yasuna who she finds annoying, constantly beating her up when she goes beyond the line.


Sonya has a child-like appearance. Sonya is a high school girl. She has long bangs and long sunny blonde hair reaching to the end of her hips tied into twintails with thick black ribbons.

She has blueish-violet eyes and wears the default school uniform. She wears blackish-grey ankle socks and tassel loafers. She sometimes wears a short-sleeved white button dress shirt without the blazer.


Sonya is a foreign trained assassin attending school as a regular girl. As she constantly takes on assassin work she is constantly alert, attacking Yasuna when she takes her by surprise or tries to play jokes on her. Despite her tough composure, she is scared of insects, animals and hardly believes the supernatural. She seems to have a habit of turning normally inoffensive things into weapons, 'specially in the manga. She is rather cold to Yasuna, constantly attacking her when Yasuna gets on her nerves whether intentional or not.


  • Sonya hair style seems to be referenced from Nagi Sanzenin's hair style.
  • Despite being feminine both in name and appearance, her voice in the anime is very deep in comparision to Yasuna, Agiri and Unused Character's voices. The dub gives her a more feminine tone.
  • Her character songs are Wanted! OBAKA dead or alive and Yakisoba PAN that were sung by her voice actress, Mutsumi Tamura.
  • The only reason why her hair is in twintails is because she can use them to attack
  • She is the only character to not have a last name, aside from the Unused Character who doesn't have a name at all.
  • A common headcanon within the fandom is that she's from Russia thanks to her behavior and a line in the opening. However, this hasn't been confirmed by any means.


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