Kill Me Baby Wiki

Hello there! My name is DeepFriedYakisoba, but you can call me Yakisoba (or maybe Mireannea if you want). As you have probably seen, I'm one of the 2 people actually contributing to the wiki.

If you heard my name from the manga translations, well let me tell you that's me! Hooray!


I'm typically cold and analytical in behavior IRL. Usually a logical person who can easily switch between funny and serious depending on the situation. Smart and solitary, yet aloof, careless and occassionally airheaded would describe me perfectly.

While mostly introverted, I sometimes get random energy spurts that make me procastinate and run around doing nothing. As you (probably) predicted, I'm quite lazy at actually doing stuff.

I kind of have a soft spot for 'cheesy' content. And yes, KMB is in there. Memes are among my favorite things and I often shitpost about random stuff.


I first learned about KMB back in late-March 2018. I had just finished watching Yurucamp back then and was getting into Kirara Fantasia (which I don't play anymore) and wanted to see more Manga Time Kirara anime.

I originally was in between continuing Urara Meirochou (which I had forgot about it's very own existence between 2017 and then) or watching something else (but definitely NOT a series with more than 1 cour). For some reason or another that I haven't really managed to fully decipher yet (maybe it's because of the memes) I picked KMB as a gateway show to everything else. Sure, I started watching A-Channel halfway through it, but still.

It wasn't until June 2018 when I found out that the manga hadn't been scanlated ever since 2016. So I decided to found YakisobaScans, via my QUALITY manga editing skills from back in the day, Photoshop CC 2017 and a potatotastic craptop. And the rest is history.

Not-So-Frequently Asked Questions[]

Are you Yakisoba from YakisobaScans?


Who's the character in your profile picture?

Roswell from Yggdra Union, apparently.

When did you start editing?

You can just check the contributions for my very first edit, lol. But I only started editing on-and-off since April 2019.


  • My birthday is June 16th, meaning that my zodiac sign is Cancer.
  • I'm an INTP on the MBTI.
  • Kill Me Baby is the Manga Time Kirara series I'm the most dedicated to. Among my other favorites are Yurucamp, K-ON! and Satoko Kiyudzuki's works (namely GA: Geijutsuka Art Design Class and Shoulder-A-Coffin Kuro).
  • My tastes in music are pretty varied, if you ask me. This is a playlist including some of my personal favorites.