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"Guten Morgen! I'm Yasuna Oribe! I think I'm in high school!"

— Yasuna introducing herself, Episode 01

Yasuna Oribe (折部 やすな Oribe Yasuna) is the main protagonist in Kill Me Baby. She is naive, energetic, childish, easily influenced and can usually be found with her best friend Sonya.


Yasuna is (supposedly) a high school student, with short brown hair, bangs parted in the middle and dark brown eyes. She also has small chin-length strands. Early on the manga she seems to have fair skin (although not as pale as Sonya's). In the anime as well as later on the manga retcon this into a light tan.

Her school uniform consists of a white button-up dress shirt with long sleeves and flaps which appear to be outside and wears a quite short red tie. She wears a dark grey long sleeved blazer with 2 small pairs of golden buttons on the ends of the blazer. She wears a blackish-grey skirt with white ankle socks and dark brown tassel loafers. During the summer she wears a short sleeved version of her button-up shirt.

Her pajamas are shown to be yellow, with orange stripes and buttons.


Yasuna is the main character of the show. Her age is unknown but since she is (apparently) in high school, her age is estimated to be around 15-18. She is best friends with Sonya (although self-proclaimedly) and promises to always be her friend even if she gets injured. She constantly gets on Sonya's nerves, causing the latter to use violence. Yasuna is nice, caring and mostly never resorts to violence no matter how many beatings she receives from Sonya. Yasuna has terrible spending habits, often buying things on impulse based on what she sees on TV and the internet.


  • Yasuna has 2 character songs, HOW TO ENJOY and Kyou mo Futari de, both sung by her voice actor, Chinatsu Akasaki .
  • She won first place in the 2013 Character Popularity Poll, surpassing Sonya by five votes.
  • There is a theory that she might be immortal and/or have some sort of healing factor. It would make sense since she got into situations that could very well kill her many times in the series, whether by Sonya or not, but come back in later chapters like nothing happened.
  • Her last name, Oribe is normally written as 織部, which means weaved section. However, it can also be spelled as 折部, with the meaning of paper section, class or copy. Her name is written in hiragana; however やす (yasu) in names normally uses the kanji 安, which has the meaning of cheap. な (na) is a feminine name suffix with no particular meaning. Therefore, her name roughly means "cheap paper copy".


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